UltraMatic 425

   Banding machine UltraMatic 425

UltraMatic 425 - Now with integrated counter

A high performance, economic banding machine - unique in its class!

The table banding machine UltraMatic 425 offers the optimizes frame guide and sealing technology.

  • Paper brown/white
  • Transparent film
  • Printed material

Due to better sealing technology we succeeded in getting a high tearing strength of the two overlapping bands on the one side and there is also a tearing help trough the overlapping bands on the other side. Furthermore the roll size of this banding machine can be enhanced with an optional side roll holder. Due to our movable table the mobility of a table appliance is ensured.


  • Counter (resettable counter)
  • Band tension from soft to strong
  • Cheap banding materials
  • Wear and tear free frame
  Options for UltraMatic 425      
  Product Stopper   Stainless Steel Wagon   Side roll dispenser      
  Product Stopper   Stainless Steel wagon   Side roll dispenser      
  The product stopper is built out of stainless steel and can be adjusted vertically and horizontally by hand-screws.   The wagon (400 x 800 mm) is adjustable in height and built out of stainless steel.   In the side dispenser you can put in rolls up to 500 meters.      
  Suitable Banding material  
  Banding paper brown PB 8029180 / PB 8029500  
  Banding paper white PW 8029180 / PW 8029500  
  Banding film transparent FTB 8029250 / FTB 8029500  
  Banding film transparent FTB 11029200 / FTB 11029500  
    500 meter rolls only in combination with side roll dispenser  
  Technical Data    
  Type: UltraMatic 425  
  Product width: ca. 25 mm to 425 mm  
  Product hight: ca. 5 mm to 200 mm  
  Tension: soft to strong  
  Band width 29 mm  
  Roll length: 180 to 250 m  
  Core holder: 40 mm  
  Speed: ~ 32 cycles / minute  
  Machine measures (L x W x H) 570 x 346 x 490 mm  
  Weight: 33 kg  
  Power supply: 230 V  50 Hz  3 A  
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