UltraMatic 420 ZB
  UltraMatic 420 ZB - Counting and Banding  
  UltraMatic 420 ZB
Friction feeder for format up to A4
The Ultramatic 420 ZB is equipped with a friction feeder which will automatically create the desired number of your products. With this machine, automatic counting and banding for the printing industry is united.
  • Fully automatic counting and banding
  • Choose your own stacking size
  • Suitable for paper and film banding
  • Banding machine as a seperate unit
Cards up to format A4 are placed in the magazine of the friction feeder. On the control panel, the desired count quantity can be adjusted. Also, there is the possibility of entering a cycle counter (for example, "100 stacks of 15 pcs per stack"). After the banding material is inserted into the banding machine, the operation is started by pressing the start button on the touch screen. The system then starts to count the desired number of cards. Then they are pushed by means of linear axis in the banding machine and are banded there.
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