DB-Series TR Linear    
     TR Linear
The fully automatic DB-Series TR-Linear
Banding of unevenly incoming products. Products are banded in the same direction as they are fed in.
  • The TR-Linear offers high capacities
  • Suitable for paper and PP-Banding material
  • Low maintaince
  • Single or multible banding possible
  • Safety shield
The product is isolated on a product stop. A pneumatic device pushes the product to the side. As a result, any significant shifts in the stack are aligned. Thereafter, the product is pushed into the banding machine. At the same time already banded product is pushed out.
Alternatively, the product can be pushed out of the banding machine, after the product is banded. Another point is the exact positioning of the band. This is precisely adjusted by the linear drive. Also, the mounting of a plurality of bands is possible. The banded products are then transported to a non-driven roller conveyor. On request it can be supplied as a driven roller conveyor.
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