DB-Series with printer
  DB-Series with printer and stacking unit  
  DB mit Stapler
DB-Series with fully automatic stacking unit and printer
Automatic stacking and banding with local printed banding material for the food industry.
  • Fully automatic stacking and banding
  • Banding material printed on site (EAN-Code, ...)
  • Suitable for paper and film banding
  • Banding machine as a seperate unit
Products such as meat trays ore else are set manually or automatically onto the infeed conveyor. These are then transported into the interior of the machine to the integrated stacking unit. With the double-disk stack, a continuous work process is possible and there is no delay after each stack. After the stacking of the stack height desired, the products are pushed into the banding machine. The already banded product from the previous cycle is thereby pushed out of the machine and can now be further processed by a conveyor line or manually packed. By the built printer the banding can be printed on site with bar code or logo itself.
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